If you are an offender or ex-offender who is ready for a change in life; this program is for you! Our foundation is based on love, honor, and respect. –Earlie M. Givens, II

Our program is designed to help men succeed.  We believe our success is measured by the evidence of men re-engaging positively with their families, children, neighborhood and community.  We know it is a hard journey to transition from incarceration to productive living.  Most of our Mentors know first-hand how to face and overcome the challenge of RE-POSITIONING.  We offer participants the tools, resources, brotherly support, goal-setting and spiritual wisdom they need to run every race and win.  Turning a life around is not easy and most find it is impossible without some form of practical support and lots of encouragement and patience.  The M.O.V.E. Program  begins with strengthening the inner man and working outward.

12-Week Program
  • Identifying Self and Past Mindsets
  • Defining the True Vision of Manhood
  • Separating “What You Did” from “Who You Are Now
  • Understanding how to be Proactive & Patient
  • Working through The Healing Process
  • Respecting, valuing and managing Money
  • Learning how to stay Empowered & Committed

Our program was built from the offender’s perspective.  We know.  We have been there.  We know what it takes to face our past and embrace the future; most importantly, our Mentors all have powerful testimonies of God’s deliverance, healing and redemption.  The Word of God is our foundation and brotherly love is our sword.

Mentors play an important role

M.O.V.E. Mentors are effective because they take a personal interest in the client’s personal development and overall well-being.  We recognize the seed of excellence in others and we encourage participants to explore and maximize the best of themselves.  Because our Mentors are ex-offenders themselves, they can put themselves in the participant’s shoes, understand their points of view, and be sensitive to their needs rather than judgmental.  They know how to recognize when a participant needs extra support, direct assistance or is ready for independence.  M.O.V.E. Mentors exercise good judgment when it comes to helping participants address their needs, the needs of their families and the welfare of others. Download a Mentor Application.

Is this program for you?

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Many offenders and ex-offenders battle with anger, depression and low self-esteem.  After being incarcerated, it can be difficult  trying to regain the trust of society, and show that you are an honest law-abiding citizen despite your conviction.   M.O.V.E. understands the importance of getting you back on track , and if you allow us we can help.

If you are an offender or ex-offender who is ready for a change in life; this program is for you!  Our foundation is based on respect, love, and integrity. Download an Participant Application.