Father’s Love

True healing only comes when true forgiveness occurs.  If you are the child, you need to forgive your father no matter the circumstance.  This does not make light of your pain or mean you have to “water down” the horror of the circumstance, it means it is time to help yourself by releasing your father into the hands of the living God and trust the Heavenly Father to take care of your inner healing and your fathers.  You do not have to honor what he did to you or how painful the circumstance might have been; it is the “office” he holds you must honor.  This may seem like a huge mountain to climb, but if you have a relationship with your Heavenly Father, Jesus, you are not climbing this one alone.  As a matter-of-fact, if you let Him, He will carry you all the way to the top, but you have to want to get there.  If you are the one called “DADDY,” and you know you have wounded your children, you need to ask God for forgiveness.  Then you need to come to the place where you can ask your children for forgiveness.  If this is not possible, which sometimes is the case, than know that God sees your heart.  Secondly, you need to forgive yourself.  Sometimes this mountain is harder than asking others to forgive us, but God’s desire is to make us whole, and complete forgiveness is the only thing that sears shut our bleeding wounds. 


Daddy if you only knew…

—Steve and Lennette Deal

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