Real Men Real Fathers

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Men, you are the leaders of your families.  You might be reluctant to assume that role.  You might even deny that is falls to you.  Nonetheless, you are your family’s de facto leader, whether you choose to believe it or not.

Leaders are always the highest-priority targets in any war.  The enemy knows that if he can kill the commander, the troops will be easier to defeat.  Cut off the head and the body dies.  The body in this case is your family-you are the head.  One way to fight back and be the leaders God created us to be is to be aware of our roles, our responsibilities, and our influence with those we lead.

When fathers neglect their roles or are absent from the home, families are attacked by predators. Families are like flocks of sheep.  Children, like lambs are naïve and simple in their understanding of the world.  Fathers are like sheepdogs, guarding the flock from wolves.  We protect our families from human predators and from corrupt television programs, movies, music, books, friends, and other people or influences that enter into a child’s life