A Father’s Love

True healing only comes when true forgiveness occurs.  If you are the child, you need to forgive your father no matter the circumstance.  This does not make light of your pain or mean you have to “water down” the horror of the circumstance, it means it is time to help yourself by releasing your father into the hands of the living God and trust the Heavenly Father to take care of your inner healing and your fathers.  You do not have to honor what he did to you or how painful the circumstance might have been; it is the “office” he holds you must honor.  Read More

Father’s Love

Father's LoveFirst, keep your promises. Your kids are depending on you, and kept promises are an important way you can create stability during a time of uncertainty. Each broken promise, no matter how small, reduces their trust in you a little bit, and can really erode over time. So, think before you speak, and do everything you can to keep your word. Second, show your kids that you’ll be okay. For them to feel confident and at peace, they have to see that you are. If it’s obvious that you’re devastated, they’ll be insecure. That doesn’t mean you never show weaknesses; honesty is critical. But show them in words and actions that you can make it through the tough times. Read More

Fathers as Mentors

Father and Son playing

Father and Son playing

Men, you are the leaders of your families.  You might be reluctant to assume that role.  You might even deny that is falls to you.  Nonetheless, you are your family’s de facto leader, whether you choose to believe it or not. Read More