Greatness in the Kingdom of God

Whenever we seek to be GREAT in the kingdom of God there’ll be much opposition we will FACE. However as warriors of the cross, some oppositions we cannot go UNDER or go ABOVE them, but we have to go THROUGH these oppositions knowing our Heavenly Father will not allow us to die in the wilderness.  But while in the wilderness God will be our shield, protector, provider, and deliverer.

I want to encourage you brothers, lift up your head, straighten your back and look evilness, wickedness, and ungodliness in the face and declare “For God I live and for God I’ll die.”   Don’t allow anybody turn you away from God, with deceitful words.  Continue to hold onto God’s unchanging hands and when the smoke clears. You’ll still be standing firm while your enemies fade away with the wind. 

Let not your heart trouble with those who has chosen to turn back and become conform to this world. But as for us and our House (mind, body, and soul) we must choose to serve “The Most High God.”  As for our House we must confess we our mouth and believe in our heart that “Jesus is Lord of lords and King of kings.”  As for our House we understand it’s not by our might or by our power but it’s by “His Spirit” which leads us and comfort us in trialing times.  We are brothers lead by faith not by sight. 

Greatness comes with a price our Lord and Savior Jesus quoted in Matthew 16:24 Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow Me.”